About Jason Blak Bengtsson

Jason was born In Copenhagen and from an early age knew he wanted a career where he was creating and making with his hands. When he was 18 years old he went to Kosta Boda to start his education in becoming a glass blower.

He has worked with glass for more than 29 years and has developed and become one of Denmark’s most highly skilled craftsmen in blowing glass.

Jason is connected to a New Zealand glass blowing community and travels out on a regular basis to find inspiration, learning new techniques and blowing for a loyal clientele in NZ.

Most of Jason’s inspiration comes from the movement of the sea. The constant change of shape and form is mirrored in the way a glass object always comes out as a unique piece through the process of making.

Glass Blow

Glass Blow is a hotshop run by Jason Blak Bengtsson. Located North of Copenhagen in Rågeleje, the settings are in one of Denmarks most exquisit surroundings.


Our workshop and shop are open for visitors and collaborators to come and experience the process of the making. Our shop displays and sell our collection of glassware directly from the workshop.

Zero waste

All our glass is handmade in our workshop. With the help of simple tools, a glass melting kiln, pipes, glass scissors, homemade metal forms, newspapers and timber slaps. Importantly, all our offcuts are reused, so our workshop creates almost zero waste.


As well as making our own collection, Jason also works with a variety of designers, such as Nina Nørgaard for Noma Restaurant.

His years of working with glass brings knowledge and technical skills that informs the process of product development. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

– Benchmark Furniture
– Nina Nørgaard
– Noma/Nina Nørgaard
– Maarbjerg & Kirk
– Ditte Grantis
– Stilleben
– Rødhusgaarden

Glass Blow


Our collection is made up of simple and elegant shapes and colours mainly for tableware. The authenticity of handblown glass means that each piece is unique.



Jason Blak Bengtsson
+45 20 95 35 90

Rågeleje Glaspusteri, Stejlebakken 4
3210 Vejby, Denmark

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